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Judgment for woman injured in a car collision

Our client was stopped at an intersection for a red light when another vehicle, driven by a drunk driver, failed to stop at the intersection and rear ended her vehicle. Our client sustained severe injuries and multiple surgeries as a result of the collision. We obtained a judgment against the at-fault driver in the amount of $2,184,727.39.


Policy limits recovered for a woman severely injured by a driver who failed to move a disabled vehicle from the roadway


Judgment after trial, for a woman injured in a car collision

Our client was seriously injured when her vehicle was rear ended by another vehicle. After trial, we obtained a final judgment, including costs, and interest of $939,112.


Recovered for a man injured in a farming accident


Recovered for a man injured in a bicycle accident


Recovered for law enforcement officer that was struck by a drunk driver


Recovered for a man injured in a rollover on I-70


Recovered for a man injured in a hotly contested motor vehicle accident


Recovered for a man injured in a bicycle accident


Insurance policy limits recovered for a woman, with a significant preexisting injury, which was aggravated in a rear end collision


Recovered for a man injured in a rear end collision


Recovered for man injured in a commercial vehicle accident


Policy limits recovered for a woman injured by a driver who failed to yield right of way


Recovered for a woman injured by a drunk driver


Recovered for a minor involved in a rollover accident caused by a distracted driver


Disabled veteran who was injured more severely in a motor vehicle collision



Final judgment after trial for man injured in a truck accident

Our client was driving on a snowy road when a fast moving truck coming towards him begin to slide. Our client pulled his truck onto the shoulder, but the other truck collided with his truck. Despite our client’s pre-existing conditions, at trial we established that his old injuries were worsened, and his new injuries were related to the collision.


Semi-Truck Collision

A semi-truck driver made an illegal U-turn in front of our client, who was also driving a semi-truck, causing the two trucks to collide. Our client, who was severely injured, was able to obtain the maximum available insurance coverage allowed to assist him with his recovery.


Recovered for clients injured when a commercial truck struck their vehicle

Our clients were seriously injured when a semi-trailer truck jackknifed and collided with their car on an out of state interstate highway. One client received $857,142.86, and the other received $167,857.14.


Recovered for man injured in commercial truck accident



Recovered for a man injured on a motorcycle

Our client was stationary when another driver struck him. Not only did he obtain policy limits from the at-fault driver’s insurance a secondary source of insurance paid funds to the client.


Recovered for a man injured in a motorcycle accident

Our client was riding his motorcycle between work meetings when he was hit by another driver. We were able to recover benefits for the accident as well as workers’ compensation benefits in the amount of $710,000.


Recovered for the wife of a contested motorcycle accident

The law enforcement traffic report placed the motorcyclist at fault for speeding. Our accident reconstruction expert collected evidence and calculated the speed and found otherwise. The motorcyclist died in the collision. The wife of the client obtained a settlement of $300,000.


Recovered for those injured and killed in workplace fire

A fire killed five workers, and injured others. We alleged that the facility owner and its contractors failed to provide a safe working environment. We responded to multiple motions to dismiss and we were able to recover workers’ compensation benefits in Colorado in additional to benefits from California which was where the employees lived. We also brought a civil suit and collected over $5.5 million for the injured workers and the families of the deceased workers.


Settlement in explosion

A propane explosion destroyed a large residence. Three were killed in the burning structure and other individuals suffered injuries. Despite inadequate insurance and allegations of comparative fault of the family members, we recovered $2,438,051.87 on behalf of those injured and killed in this tragic event.


Settlement for husband of woman struck and killed by truck

The wife of our client stopped on the interstate to assist a motorist involved in a rollover accident. After calling 911, she was standing on the fog line of the interstate when she was struck and tragically killed.


Policy limits recovered for a woman struck by a car while crossing the street in a crosswalk


Recovered for a woman injured while crossing a cross walk


Settlement for a family whose grandmother was killed by a reckless driver

A grandmother was killed when a reckless driver turned a corner at a high rate of speed, drove upon the sidewalk, and killed the woman and her dog. The firm collected a total of $357,500 for the family.


Settlement for a family whose grandmother was killed by a reckless driver

A grandmother was killed when a reckless driver turned a corner at a high rate of speed, drove upon the sidewalk, and killed the woman and her dog. The firm collected a total of $357,500 for the family.


Judgment for teenage girl struck by car

A teenage girl was hit by a car near the side of the road. Law enforcement blamed the girl for the accident. The jury found otherwise. The final judgement received for the parents of the girl was $312,799.91.


Recovered the families of two workers killed in a mine accident

Two coal miners were killed when the mine roof caved in. We were able to obtain lifelong workers’ compensation benefits for the widows and also settle a civil action in the district court. The firm was able to show that workers’ compensation benefits were due and that the parent corporation was also likely because it was aware that the operating company was improperly documenting mine condition reports, and required miners to work under unsafe conditions.


Recovered for the family of a man killed at work

Colorado workers’ compensation benefits were denied for the wife and son. The firm won the workers’ compensation case for the clients in Denver, and prevailed again at the Court of Appeals. The present value of the family’s workers’ compensation benefits were approximately $850,000. A state district court law suit was also filed and after extensive litigation, including multiple motions to dismiss, the firm recovered an additional $1.25 million for the wife. We were able to establish the company that assisted in loading the equipment was responsible for failing to provide adequate safety training for its employees and contractors, resulting in the death of the worker.


Recovered for family of a man killed in a collision


Recovered for a widow of a man killed in a head on collision



Settlement for a man who suffered a brain injury

Our client worked in an out of state coal mine. As a result of unsafe conditions in the mine, an explosion occurred and he and others were injured. His district court civil case was settled for $1,500,000.


Settlement for father of man killed on the job

Our client’s son was dismantling an out of state drilling rig when a heavy piece of equipment fell from a fork lift, hit the man, and caused his death. The defendants alleged that the actions of the worker contributed to his death. We argued that management of the rig moving company had the responsibility to provide a safe work environment for those on the premises.


Settlement for two workers injured in an oil storage tank explosion

In this case, our clients were injured while cleaning an oil storage. We alleged that the defendants were responsible for providing a safe environment for the workers. The defense argued our clients were responsible. Nevertheless, a significant settlement was reached for both employees.


Settlement against auto manufacturer for family of a young boy killed by defective air bag

We alleged that there was a defective air bag system and that the auto manufacturer had a duty to warn auto passengers that its vehicles were dangerous when children were in the front passenger seat. The auto manufacturer denied both allegations and claimed improper seat belt use. The case settled out of court for $720,000.


Client run over by an off-road vehicle with a defective part

Settlement for a client run over by an off-road vehicle with a defective part. We alleged that there was a defective design, which resulted in the injury to our client. We settled the case for $685,000.


Electrocution in commercial swimming pool

Cause of death and liability was contested. Court of appeals reversed the district court judge, who had dismissed the case. The case was remanded back to the district court which permitted out client to reach a settlement with the defendant.


Final judgment for woman subjected to pregnancy discrimination

Our client worked in county government. Shortly after informing her boss that she was pregnant, the county eliminated our client’s job and terminated her employment. The jury found discrimination and substantial loss of past and future earnings. The final judgement was for $1,007,423.91.


Judgment for $880,606.40 plus interest

Client who was sexually harassed and assaulted by her employer.


Judgment for $580,000 plus costs and interest against an oil and gas production company

The jury found that the employer terminated the employment of a long term “motor man” because he filed a petition to reopen his workers’ compensation case in order to obtain a needed surgery.


Judgment for man who was discriminated against due to his disabilities

Our client suffered from two life altering medical disabilities and requested accommodations from his employer. His employer provided a temporary job but cut his pay when the job should have paid more. Furthermore, the employer attempted to reassign our client to a new position that did not accommodate for his medical disability. We took his case to trial, and then won the appeal, received a judgement of $470,662.


Judgment for man discriminated against at work for a work injury

Our client was injured at work. Due to his injuries, he was given work restrictions, which his employer chose not to accommodate. Our client attempted to apply for a new position in the company, and was not given the position. We alleged that our client was retaliated against due to his work injury, and a trial was held.


KDRM obtained for the first Americans with Disabilities Act case to go before the Colorado Supreme Court

Our Client Requested accommodations from a local hospital where she worked. She was terminated. She claimed protection under the ADA She eventually obtained a final judgment of $432,700


Our 30 clients entrusted their deceased loved ones to a local funeral home. The employees of the funeral home dismembered and sold body parts or the entire body of our client’s deceased family members without obtaining the family’s consent. The clients received a combined judgment that exceeded $15,000,000, plus interest, attorney’s fees, and costs.
The firm has represented thousands of clients who collectively have received millions of dollars for exposure to radiation and other toxic substances while working. Uranium industry workers or qualifying beneficiaries may qualify for benefits under the Radiation Exposure Compensation Ace (RECA). Energy workers or qualifying beneficiaries may qualify for benefits under the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program (EEOICP).
The firm is involved in four types of Federal Multidistrict Litigation Cases. These include: Taxotere (Breast Cancer Drug), Biomet Hip Implants (M2a), DePuy Hip Implants (Pinnacol), and Takata Air Bags.