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The lawyers at Killian, Davis, Richter & Fredenburg, PC proudly reside in the communities we represent along the Colorado Western Slope. We particularly enjoy Delta, the City of Murals, filled with public art displays.

Delta County includes several notable landmarks, such as Sweitzer Lake, Confluence Park, and Adobe Badlands. With limited venues compared to larger cities, many residents spend their weekends recharging in nature. Whether you explore nearby hiking trails like King’s Peak, fish at Crawford State Park, or ski in Telluride, you will encounter others as you enjoy the outdoors.

With all this travel and exploration, personal injuries are a common problem for residents of Delta and surrounding areas. Since 1991, Killian, Davis, Richter & Fredenburg, P.C. has served residents of Delta, Cedaredge, Crawford, and other towns throughout the Western Slope. It gives us great satisfaction to assist our neighbors in receiving the justice they deserve when tragedy strikes.

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Keith Killian and his team have served Delta County residents since 1991. Call (970) 241-0707 for a free personal injury lawyer consultation if you live anywhere in Delta, Crawford, Hotchkiss, Cedaredge, Paonia, or Orchard City and someone from our nearby office will assist you promptly.

Types of Personal Injury Cases Delta Residents Live Through

Accidental personal injury is a prevalent reason for seeking medical attention in the United States, especially here in Delta, Colorado. When such incidents occur, having an attorney who understands the local dynamics is crucial. Our firm offers precisely that: familiarity with Delta County law enforcement, regional medical facilities, physicians, judges, and juries.

With deep roots in the Western Slope, we possess over thirty years of experience handling various personal injury cases in Delta and its surrounding areas. As locals, we bring a unique advantage to representing our community members. This local insight dramatically enhances our ability to secure the best possible outcome for your workplace injury, auto accident, or slip-and-fall case.

While Denver metro-area firms may advertise their services on the Western Slope, their headquarters are over 240 miles away. Unlike these distant firms, we offer the convenience of in-person meetings, allowing us to provide you with personalized attention and support every step of the way.

Workers Compensation

Many Delta, Colorado residents work in extreme conditions. Facilities like Colorado Stone Quarry and Arch Coal can become dangerous workplaces when protocols are not followed or equipment malfunctions. Those facing challenges with workers’ compensation claims can rely on Killian, Davis, Richter & Fredenburg, PC. With decades of experience representing workplace injury victims, we understand the nuances of workers’ compensation law.

As Workers’ Compensation Education Association members, our personal injury lawyers stay abreast of workers’ compensation law and practice developments. We have secured numerous favorable rulings from the Colorado Supreme Court and the Colorado Court of Appeals. We will do whatever it takes to ensure justice, regardless of the extent of their injuries.

Our lawyers do not just handle your court proceedings, though. We also support victims and their families through the emotional toll and lasting impact of work-related injuries. Therefore, we assist Delta residents in obtaining the necessary medical care and helping them through challenging times.

Auto Accidents

Unfortunately, automotive crashes are all too common in Delta and its surrounding areas. In most cases, these Delta car accidents transform lives instantly, leaving the victims to put the pieces back together and find a path forward.

Sometimes, car accidents happen along troublesome roads in the area. For instance, truck accidents are common along US-50, both heading toward Grand Junction and Montrose. Other roadways, like Highway 92 and McClure Pass, also see their fair share of accidents.

Even within the city limits of Delta, negligent drivers can cause motor vehicle crashes or pedestrian accidents. Speeding, driving under the influence, and lane violations can quickly turn what should be easy travels into nightmares for victims.

If you are impacted by a car accident in or around Delta, Killian, Davis, Richter & Fredenburg, PC will help you receive fair compensation for personal injuries and property damage.

Wrongful Death

The devastating loss of a cherished family member can rattle even the strongest people to their core. Unfortunately, those on the other side of wrongful death cases do not care about that, and they will make it challenging to receive the total compensation you deserve.

Navigating wrongful death cases requires a delicate balance of legal understanding and compassionate support for grieving families. Surviving relatives or representatives of the deceased individual’s estate require guidance from a seasoned personal injury attorney to ensure they receive fair compensation for their profound losses.

At Killian, Davis, Richter & Fredenburg, PC, we comprehend the overwhelming financial impact the loss of a loved one can inflict on your family. The burden of medical bills, funeral expenses, and the sudden loss of income can swiftly deplete savings, leaving families in dire financial straits. With our assistance, you can pursue damages to offset these expenses, allowing you to prioritize what truly matters: your family’s well-being.

Whether your wrongful death claim stems from medical malpractice, a car accident, or another form of personal injury, our legal team stands ready to support you through this challenging time. You can trust us to advocate tirelessly on your behalf and provide the compassionate guidance needed to navigate the legal complexities of your case.

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Highway 50 sees its fair share of semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles. Unfortunately, this means the citizens of Delta also experience a significant number of accidents involving these large motor vehicles year after year.

Commercial trucking cases involve complicated rules and regulations. Without an experienced attorney to help you navigate the maze of insurance contracts, you may receive an inadequate settlement or even lose out on compensation entirely.

The attorneys at Killian, Davis, Richter & Fredenburg, PC have experience representing Delta County residents involved in trucking accidents with negligent drivers. We will ensure your case is well defined and you receive the justice you or your loved one deserves.

Why Delta Residents Should Hire Our Personal Injury Firm

Killian, Davis, Richter & Fredenburg, PC is regarded as one of the top personal injury law firms along the Western Slope and throughout Colorado. The team has received numerous awards and consults on cases in the hands of other law offices throughout the state. If Denver lawyers call us for advice, you know we have all the experience needed to get the results you deserve.

We are not just a settlement shop—we strive to do what is right for every single client who contacts us, with no exceptions. We leverage our history of winning at trial and on appeal to negotiate fair settlements for our clients.

Our legal team does not shy away from trials. We have established close relationships with law enforcement officers, judges, and courthouses throughout the Western Slope. We have represented our clients in both state and federal courts.

If you are searching for an established, reputable personal injury law firm in Delta that you can trust, Killian, Davis, Richter, and Fredenburg are here to help you get life-repairing results in or out of court.

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