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Our attorneys are proud residents of the Western Slope. We love the welcoming atmosphere of the Uncompahgre Valley and the incredible views of the nearby San Juan Mountains.

Montrose County is a particularly gorgeous place to call home for anyone who loves exploring the great outdoors. Black Canyon National Park and Gunnison Gorge National Conservation Area offer spectacular hiking opportunities. At the same time, nearby communities like Ouray, Gunnison, and Ridgway provide perfect off-roading opportunities for those who love to explore the mountains via bicycle, Jeep, or ATV.

However, with the recent population boom in Montrose alongside the area’s regular tourist traffic, personal injuries are not only possible but likely.

The personal injury lawyers at Killian, Davis, Richter & Fredenburg, P.C. have served Montrose, Delta, Ridgway, and surrounding areas along the Western Slope since 1991. Our record of results and vast knowledge of the local area make us the perfect choice when you need a dedicated personal injury lawyer to help with your case.

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Common Personal Injury Cases in Montrose and the Uncompahgre Valley

In the event of personal injury cases, it is important to engage an attorney with a comprehensive understanding of the Montrose area.

With over three decades of experience serving Montrose, our firm is deeply integrated into the Western Slope community. Our local expertise significantly boosts our capability to deliver favorable results in cases of auto accidents, workplace injuries, and wrongful death. Our firm boasts extensive knowledge of the local police, medical facilities, and judicial system.

Contrasting with firms based on the Front Range over 240 miles away, our proximity to Montrose allows for direct, in-person meetings. This facilitates a more personalized and supportive experience throughout the legal process.

Car Accidents

Last year, there were over 95,000 car accidents on Colorado roads. These incidents change people’s lives instantly, and there may come a day when you’re the person whose life is severely impacted by a car accident in or around Montrose.

Sometimes, Montrose car accidents happen by pure accident. Other times, roads and intersections may be the culprit. Since we live in the area and represent many Montrose residents, we know roads like US-550 and Highway 90 are frequent accident scenes.

In other cases, car accidents in and around Montrose occur because of a driver’s negligence or reckless driving decisions. Whether the other driver was distracted, intoxicated, or otherwise at fault, Killian, Davis, Richter & Fredenburg, P.C. will ensure you are fairly compensated for any personal injuries and property damage you sustain.

Workers Compensation

Residents of Montrose, Colorado, facing challenges with workers’ compensation claims can rely on the expertise of Killian, Davis, Richter & Fredenburg, PC. Our years of experience representing those injured on the job give us a deep understanding of the complexities of workers’ compensation law. We provide unmatched expertise, dedication, and support.

As members of the Workers’ Compensation Education Association, our personal injury lawyers remain at the forefront of developments in workers’ compensation law and practice. We have secured numerous favorable rulings from the Colorado Court of Appeals and the Colorado Supreme Court. Montrose residents can rest assured that their cases will be handled with the utmost professionalism and diligence.

Furthermore, Killian, Davis, Richter & Fredenburg, PC understand the importance of providing support beyond legal representation. We recognize the financial and emotional toll that work-related injuries can take on individuals and their families. In addition to securing compensation for medical expenses and lost wages, our firm strives to assist Montrose residents in obtaining the necessary medical care and supporting them through this challenging experience.

Wrongful Death

No one ever wants to imagine a scenario in which a beloved family member dies. However, there are instances where car accidents and other types of accidents result in catastrophic injuries.

Wrongful death cases are complex legal matters that require careful investigation, legal expertise, and compassion for the grieving families involved. Surviving family members or representatives of the deceased person’s estate need guidance from a seasoned personal injury lawyer to ensure they are fairly compensated for their loss.

At Killian, Davis, Richter & Fredenburg, PC, we understand the enormous financial toll the death of a loved one can have on a family. Medical bills, funeral expenses, and loss of income can drain life savings and leave survivors in a desperate financial situation.

With our help, you can recover damages to cover these costs so you can focus on what matters most: your family. Whether you are pursuing a wrongful death claim because of medical malpractice, a car accident, or another form of personal injury, rest assured our legal team has your back.

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Montrose’s major roadways, like Highway 50 and 550, and the regional airport make it a frequent stop for commercial vehicles. However, this also means the town is a prime location for motor vehicle accidents involving semi-trucks and other large vehicles. The results of these accidents are often grim, as victims who are lucky enough to walk away alive are stuck with brain injuries, paralysis, or other disabling conditions.

Seeking justice for these types of accidents isn’t as simple as receiving payouts for the initial medical bills and damages — it requires an extensive understanding of the long-term impact these injuries will have on a person’s health and happiness. Commercial trucking claims involve complicated rules and regulations. Navigating the maze of insurance contracts is incredibly complex and without an experienced injury lawyer, could result in an inadequate settlement or even a claim denial. Because of this, you need an experienced personal injury attorney equipped to help you maximize your compensation.

Killian, Davis, Richter & Fredenburg, PC will ensure your case is well represented so you receive the justice you or your loved one deserve.

Why Hire Killian Law as Your Montrose Personal Injury Lawyer?

Killian, Davis, Richter & Fredenburg, PC is regarded as one of the top personal injury law firms along the Western Slope and throughout Colorado. The team has received numerous awards and consults on cases in the hands of other law offices throughout the state. If Denver lawyers call us for advice, you know we have all the experience needed to get the results you deserve.

We are not just a settlement shop—we strive to do what is right for every single client who contacts us, no exceptions. We leverage our history of winning at trial and on appeal to negotiate fair settlements for our clients.

Our legal team does not shy away from trials. On the contrary, we are trial attorneys who have formed solid relationships with judges, law enforcement officers, and courthouses throughout the Western Slope. We have represented our clients in both state and federal courts.

If you are searching for an established, reputable personal injury law firm in Montrose that you can trust, Killian, Davis, Richter, and Fredenburg are here to help you get life-repairing results in or out of court.

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