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Properly Documenting Your Colorado Workers’ Compensation Claim

Injuries at work will happen, particularly in fields involving manual labor.  When such injuries occur, it is important that you immediately report any injury major or minor, and do so in writing.  A verbal report is not sufficient as we explain in our related article, I Just Got Injured at Work in Colorado, What Should… read more

How to Challenge Your Workers’ Comp Impairment Rating

Division Independent Medical Exam The Division Independent Medical Examination (“DIME”) process is used in Colorado by a claimant (an injured worker) or respondents (Employer and Insurance Company) to challenge an impairment rating or placement at maximum medical improvement (“MMI”). There are two types of DIMEs in Colorado. The first, and most common, is a DIME… read more

I Just Got Injured at Work in Colorado, What Should I Do?

Injuries at work will happen, particularly in jobs involving manual labor.  You should report any injury you have to your employer in writing, whether the injury is minor or major.  In particular, any injury to your head, neck, back, shoulder, or knees may not resolve in a few days, but lead to missed work or… read more

Do You Need To Hire An Injury Attorney When You File A Personal Injury Claim?

What is personal injury? Personal injury is the physical or psychological injury that you suffer as the result of negligence, gross negligence, reckless conduct, or intentional misconduct of another person, entity, or organization. Many incidents involve personal injury: when a careless driver hurts either you or members of your family; when you have a work… read more

Protect Yourself Against An Uninsured Motorist

The purpose of liability car insurance is to protect others who may suffer harms and losses when the collision is your fault. However, when the car wreck is the other driver’s fault, the question becomes how can you best protect yourself? We drive to and from work, perform errands and take the kids to school… read more

Social Security Disability Law And Regulations

Obtaining the two types of benefits available under federal Social Security Disability Law can be technical and complex. Representation and advocacy by an attorney experienced in this discipline is recommended.

Liability and Truck Accident Law

Unfortunately, with todays busy highways a collision occurs between a commercial freight truck and a passenger vehicle. This type of investigation falls under truck accident laws. These laws were enacted to protect the passengers in private cars. Without meaning to diminish the damage and suffering in a wreck between two private vehicles, the magnitude of… read more


People become exposed to radiation in two ways: natural and man-made. Natural exposure is by way of the sun and sound waves. Today, unlike the years during nuclear testing man-made exposure to radiation primarily occurs when we undergo radiological examination or cancer treatment. Unfortunately, only specific types of man-made exposures are eligible for compensation. Such… read more