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Each of our attorneys is proud to call Colorado’s Western Slope home. For one, it has great educational opportunities like Colorado Mesa University and Western Colorado Community College. We also love the immense number of outdoor opportunities everywhere, especially given its proximity to the Grand Mesa, the Bookcliffs, and the Colorado National Monument Some of our favorites include the Devil’s Kitchen Trail as well as leisurely drives like the Fruit and Wine Byway..

On the weekends our attorneys can be found all over the Western Slope, including skiing Powderhorn and Telluride, taking a dip in Ouray’s hot springs, and enjoying the many mountain bike trails in Ridgway and Gunnison.

With a growing and active population comes the potential for personal injury accidents. Killian, Davis, Richter & Fredenburg, P.C. is a personal injury law firm that has served Grand Junction, Delta, Montrose, Gunnison, Rifle, and the Western Slope for over 30 years, since 1991.

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The law firm was founded by Keith Killian in Grand Junction in 1991, and can be found on 202 North 7th Street. All consultations are free. Call (970) 241-0707 today to speak with the Grand Junction personal injury lawyers of Killian, Davis, Richter & Fredenburg, P.C.

Common Personal Injury Cases in Grand Junction and the Western Slope

Accidental personal injury is one of the primary reasons people seek medical attention in the United States. When this occurs you want an experienced attorney who is familiar with the local law enforcement, the regional medical facilities and physicians, the local judges and local juries. An experienced Western Slope law firm is much more capable of obtaining the best result for local residents who seek assistance after an auto accident, workplace injury, or slip and fall.

Thanks to our personal connection to the Western Slope, we are well-versed in all types of personal injury claims that happen in Grand Junction and the surrounding areas. Our law firm has over 3 decades of experience representing residents of the Western Slope on some of the most difficult personal injury cases. We are locals too and this makes a big difference in obtaining a successful outcome on your case.

Denver and other metropolitan law firms advertise on the Western Slope, but their primary offices are located 240 miles or more away. Unlike these Denver law firms, you can meet with us in person. Just because someone

Car Accidents

No one likes to think about the worst-case scenario. However, car accidents do happen, and they can change your life in an instant.

Sometimes these accidents occur due to negligence, impaired drivers, or reckless driving. Unfortunately, impaired and distracted driving account for a large percentage of accidents in Colorado, both with multiple vehicle crashes and pedestrian accidents. Killian, Davis, Richter & Fredenburg, P.C. will make sure you are fairly compensated for personal injuries and other damages caused by another driver’s negligence.

Other times, it is the roads and intersections themselves that create accidents. With over 30 years of experience in Grand Junction, we know that intersections like 12th Street and North Avenue, 5th and Belford, 24 RD and Patterson, and at the other end, I-70 and Patterson hold some of the highest crash records. We can use our knowledge of the local area to help fortify your case so you receive the payout you deserve.

Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are often dangerous and result in severe personal injury for any involved motorists. Although the interstates and highways that run through Grand Junction and surrounding areas aren’t as unsafe as sections of the Million Dollar Highway to the South, sections of I-70 and Highway 6 & 50 are known for accidents involving semi trucks.

Our firm has handled trucking accidents involving spinal cord injuries, brain damage, and other severe personal injury claims. Regardless of the specifics of your incident, our experience will surely be an asset to both Grand Junction locals and travelers passing through the area.

Workplace Injuries

Were you injured at work in Grand Junction or a neighboring community? Regardless of whether you work in the oil and gas industry, on a construction site, or something else entirely, our personal injury lawyers are here to help.

As a member of the Workers’ Compensation Education Association, our law firm has extensive experience with on-the-job-injury and workers’ compensation claims. In fact, we’re known throughout western Colorado for our ability to settle these types of personal injury claims quickly and efficiently.