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Grand Junction Premises Liability / Slip And Fall Attorney

As one of the leading causes of injury in the United States, falls are a very real public health problem. However, most of the time, they can be prevented. Falls are often due to hazards that are easy to overlook, yet easy to fix and many times these hazards go unaddressed until it’s too late. If this happens at someone else’s home or at your place of work and you sustain a significant injury due to someone else’s negligence, the premises liability attorneys at Killian, Davis, Richter & Fredenburg, PC combine 30 years of personal injury experience in order to seek proper compensation for your claim.


Slip and falls effect the elder population the most; 87 percent of bone fractures sustained by those 65 and older are due to falls. The fatality rate has skyrocketed in the past decade; 43 of every 100,000 people 65 and older died from a fall in 2005, but in 2014 that number is up to 58 deaths for every 100,000 falls. Overall, one out of every five falls results in broken bones or a head injury.

In total, 2.8 million people are treated each year for injuries related to falls. They are the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries, and more than 95 percent of hip fractures are caused by falling. There is great concern for them in the workplace as well; according to OSHA, 15 percent of all industry accidental deaths are due to falls.


Falling on someone else’s property and injuring yourself is not immediate grounds for a claim, but the Colorado Premises Liability Act covers situations of negligence and landowner responsibility. For example, in the case of a tenant in a landlord’s building, they may only recover damages if:

  • The landowner failed to exercise reasonable care or knew of any potential dangers on their property but didn’t fix them.
  • The landowner failed to let the tenant know of potential dangers that weren’t created by that landowner. Even though the danger’s existence wasn’t their fault, they still have a duty to correct it.
  • A trespasser can only seek damages if they are deliberately caused by the landowner.

The statute of limitations for a personal injury claim due to a slip and fall is two years from the initial date of the injury. If the person dies, then the statute of limitations clock starts running from the date of death, since it may be later than the date of the actual fall. Although in this case, a wrongful death claim will usually be filed, rather than a slip and fall one.


If you or someone you love has sustained a significant injury from a slip and fall due to someone else’s negligence, then you deserve fair compensation. The slip and fall attorneys at Killian, Davis, Richter & Fredenburg, PC offer a free consultation, and we do not collect attorney’s fees unless we win your case. Our experienced and dedicated team will handle your claim, and will make every effort to make sure you are fairly compensated.