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Colorado Product Liability Lawyer

As experienced products liability attorneys, we are familiar with the serious injuries and deaths often caused by damaged, defective, or dangerous products. At the Grand Junction, Colorado, law offices of Killian, Davis, Richter & Fredenburg, PC we fight to get you the compensation you need and deserve for your personal injury. We have achieved great success in helping our clients recover the costs of medical bills and lost wages and compensation for pain and suffering.



Much of our products liability practice involves lawsuits against auto manufacturers. Those manufacturers have a duty to protect you from unreasonably dangerous defects in the design of their cars. Under the law, cars must be safe and crash-worthy to protect you in an accident. We help people and their families who were not protected: good people who have been injured by unsafe auto parts or defective automobiles.

  • Pickup or SUV rollovers
  • Roof crush accidents
  • Airbag injuries
  • Defective door latches
  • Defective seatbelts
  • Brake malfunctions
  • Seatback failures
  • Defective tires
  • Gas tank explosions

We know that these accidents can be life changing. They may cause serious head, neck, and back injuries, and even the death of a loved one. If you or a loved one has been injured by the faulty construction of a product or by a defectively designed car, you could have a case. We hold manufacturers responsible for design flaws. Contact our law office at (970) 241-0707 to speak confidentially with an experienced products liability lawyer. We offer free consultations, and there are no attorney’s fees unless you win.